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By | November 14, 2013

Wowwee’s RoboMe is a customizable robot for the kids, it can drive around the house and harness unlimited usability from an iPhone or iPod Touch. He stands just over a foot tall and rolls on 3 wheels. RoboMe has a loud personality and is full of sensors, games, and personalization. While the RoboMe audience is intended for ages 6-12, it offers a rich platform for getting kids in a programmable mindset. For instance, you can choose an action like (If) someone shakes RoboMe’s hand, then play a self-recorded “please to meet you”, and smile, and bow his head up and down.

WowWee RoboMe

RoboMe runs on 4C batteries, and 3AAA batteries for the remote control. Unfortunately, it’s not rechargeable. It can be controlled solely with the remote. The experience and capabilities are enhanced by docking an iPhone or iPod Touch into the face. With a second iOS device, RoboMe can be wirelessly controlled over the same network–it can even do telepresence where you can wirelessly see what RoboMe sees.   (…more)


A retail price of $109.99 for RoboMe is expensive; luckily you can find it just over $80 from Amazon, which makes it a much more reasonable holiday present. We know there’s no iOS devices included, but you should consider the price of batteries before buying. Even as a twenty-something year old, RoboMe was fun to play with and remotely bother a similar sized doggy. The manufacturer recommends RoboMe for children aged 6 to 15 years, I’d bump the 15 down to 12 and you’ll have some very happy owners. The Wowwee RoboMe Robot is currently available from Amazon.

The Good: Entertaining, includes various sensors, very customizable, voice command recognition (with iPhone/iPod), remote video control (with 2 iOS devices), customizable face and customizable actions.

The Bad: Slow, loud, requires batteries 4C batteries + 3AAA batteries, apps are buggy and arms aren’t controllable.

WowWee introduces RoboMe for the holiday season
Have you ever wondered just how much trouble a parent has to go through in order to figure out just what to get for their little ones each year at Christmas? Not only that, it would not be nice to purchase the same old thing every single year, which means one will need to be extremely creative when it comes to getting the latest gifts…

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