BBM App Finally Availabe on iOS and Android

By | October 23, 2013

Since there are ever fewer people using BBM on actual BlackBerry phones, it’s high time for people to start using the messaging service on the new phones they dumped their BlackBerries for. In a move (which has been in the works for some time) that should please many who jumped the S.S. BlackBerry for ships on calmer waters, BBM is now headed to Android and iOS devices, although you might have a bit of a wait to actually start using it.   (…more)

You can find BBM on Google Play and the iTunes App Store now for free.

BBM for iOS and Android

BBM for iOS and Android Downloaded 10M Times in 24 Hours
BBM for Android and iOS was released yesterday, and it’s already the top free application for iOS devices. Despite its presence on the iTunes charts, BBM for Android has yet to even crack the top 20 free apps on that platform. Just 24 hours after it was released for both operating systems, however, BlackBerry announced that the chat client had…

BBM launching on Android and iOS TODAY
Exactly a month after it was originally supposed to be available, BlackBerry has given word that BBM for Android and iOS will FINALLY be launching today, over the next few hours. You can hit up Google Play and the App Store and will be able to download BBM as it becomes available in your region. The only catch here is that you may not actually be…

BBM Stacks 10 Million Downloads in First 24 Hours of Release
BlackBerry released its BBM app yesterday, which left many of us scratching our heads. The blogosphere and Twitter were seething, bashing BlackBerry saying that the release of BBM was a little too late to the messaging game, saying that no one will really care about BBM with so many other messaging apps out there. Apparently, we were wrong…

BlackBerry’s BBM app rockets to No.1 on iPhone app chart
It took forever to launch – and some of the people who downloaded still can’t even use it – but BlackBerry’s BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone apps are finally here. What’s more, the new app is shockingly popular. BlackBerry fiiiiinally released its highly anticipated BBM cross-platform messaging app for Android and the iPhone on Monday and…

BBM for Android and iOS released, sign up for the queue now
BlackBerry has teased launching BBM for iOS and Android for a while now and today is release day, as reported on BlackBerry’s blog . Even though you can download it to your device, you can’t use it just yet. I enjoyed using the BlackBerry Q10 and even the Z10 , but still only have about five BBM friends on the BlackBerry platform…

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