GolfSense will help you improve your golf game

By | April 10, 2013

I don’t have a golfing bone in my body, I can’t even play putt putt golf. If you are an avid golfer and Android user, a device called GolfSense is available to support your Android smartphone or other device to help you improve your golf game. The device is a sensor that you wear on your glove that sends data about your golf swing to your smartphone.


The small sensor weighs about half an ounce and has the capability to measure various things about your golf swing including acceleration, velocity, tempo, position, and posture. The sensor is also able to sample data at over 1000 times per second. Despite the small size and low price of the sensor system, the manufacturer says it’s accuracy is very close to that of much more expensive Doppler and laser systems.

As the golfer performs their swing, the sensor, which is worn on the Velcro strap of your glove, sends data directly to the smartphone application. The application is able to take that data and provide in-depth analysis about the golf swing. Sensor data can also be stored for comparison at later date.

The sensor data is able to show you how to improve your golf swing. According to the manufacturer, the app can tell you if your backswing is too slow, if you’re hitting the ball too early, or if you’re decelerating before impact. The sensor is offered in black or white colors and is available now for $129.99.

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  • GolfSense will improve your golf game using a sensor and your smartphone
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