Samsung & Corning form OLED Glass venture

By | February 5, 2012

Corning, creator of Gorilla Glass, and Samsung Mobile Display Co., creator of Super AMOLED technology and producer of nearly 90% of all AMOLED displays worldwide, are certainly no strangers in the smartphone market. Both stand as large names in the game and contribute parts to many other mobile device manufacturers in some way. Their partnership thus far has seen the rise of tougher and more scratch resistant glass, along with brighter and more impressive displays. However it has, up until this point, not seen a direct collaborative product.

Corning OLED Glass

The two big players have recently signed an agreement to create a new supplier for OLED backplane glass substrate solutions. This joint supplier will provide product for both Samsung as well as other companies in the Korean market. The goal of this venture is to take the newest OLED technology from Samsung along with the specially formulated Corning Lotus Glass and work them together as closely as possible.

Corning Lotus Glass is tailored to the extreme requirements found in manufacturing AMOLED displays. This new glass substrate is designed to withstand cyclic thermal loading while maintaining high dimensional tolerances. Effectively, even through high changes in temperature, the material expands and contracts as little as possible. Due to these enhanced properties, the physical glass can be introduced to the panel at earlier stages in production without concern for thermal warping. This tighter integration provides the manufacturer with enhanced control over thickness and overall shape; we could see significantly thinner displays with dramatic curves in the near future. Along with improved thermal properties, Lotus Glass’s proprietary fusion process promises for increased optical clarity and lower power consumption from the attached display.

This deep partnership should come as great news for those in the smartphone world. With the potential to improve nearly every aspect of a phone’s display, this venture between Samsung and Corning is expected to garner visibly impressive results.

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