Red Bull’s Augmented Reality App lets you design your own track

By | March 17, 2011

There are a lot of augmented reality apps and a lot of racing apps for the iPhone, and this particular one from Red Bull is pretty unique.

Red Bull’s Augmented Racing has a feature that allows the user to build their own virtual track. That is actually a common feature for a racing game, but how it does it is pretty amazing.

The user can design a track by lining up Red Bull cans in a circuit of any shape. The iPhone user then photographs the front of the cans for callibration, and then the tops of the cans. The App then generates a virtual version of the track, which you can race on in your virtual race car. You can view a video of it after the jump.

This is certainly one of the most unique marketing programs that I have seen. It definitely encourages the user to buy more Red Bull in order to have a longer course. I have no idea if it is possible to do a course that crosses over each other in a figure eight. Would the course make it so the cars pass over, or could you make it so the cars could crash in the middle?

I believe that this App is available for downloading now at the Red Bull racing site for free.


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