Apple iTV will have iAd-supported content, iPad remote control claims Kevin Rose

By | August 24, 2010

Apple’s plans for the Apple TV continue to gather a halo of rumors, with Digg founder Kevin Rose throwing his own insider gossip into the ring.  According to Rose, a smaller, iOS-based set-top box isn’t the only exciting thing about the rebanded “iTV”: it will also allow content providers to use iAds to monetize their shows, bypassing traditional cable and satellite distribution.  Meanwhile the iPad will be repurposed as “one big badass remote control”.

apple tv

That remote will allow for video editing, game and channel control, but also be tied into the iTV interactive experience; that means different camera angles and other add-ons.  There’ll be an App Store style marketplace for TV-centric apps, video streaming/editing software, games and news widgets, together with integration with MobileMe.  The latter will allow for straightforward sharing of content recorded on, say, an iPhone with other iTV users.

As before, Rose has heard a $99 price point mentioned for the updated Apple TV, together with a September 2010 launch window.  If accurate, it sounds like Apple are taking a more antagonistic approach to cable and satellite operators than Google are with their Google TV negotiations; still, given the search giant’s main stumbling block at present is apparently convincing content producers that they have a business model to monetize their shows, Apple’s iAds-centric strategy may make more sense.

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